Friday, April 12, 2013

Friday, May 25, 2012

say hello to Stella

my new gas baby is finally home!

i've named her stella. we started our journey at 9 this morning. here's MSH mike removing the burner system...

and removing the chimney. it was rusted so bad i didn't think we were going to get the screws off, but mike is very, very persistent.

then he had to climb up on the roof to get the other pieces.

mitch showed up with extra help and equipment. her on the truck and headed for home.

then the fun began!

mitch had already decided the easiest way was to lift her into the back yard...

drive thru the tight areas...

and then pick her up from the other side. it was a bit of a challenge getting things to line back up correctly.

**insert part here where i saw the kiln tip and ran into the house.**

and i came back out to find her back up on the forklift and ready to go.

contemplating how best to maneuver her into place...

and tada!

turned her a little, after this, with the pallet jack and we were good!

very, very slight shifting of the bricks in the top left area. other than that looks just like she did before we started our adventure. total win!!!

welcome home stella!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

come to mama...

i lucked into a used Bailey's 24/16 gas kiln

after a week of trying to find someone who will move it w/out charging as much as i'm paying for it, i'm finally glad to say it won't be much longer until this baby is in my backyard ready for me to fill it with pots!

Thursday, March 08, 2012

Kentucky Craft Market

Hubby and I went to the Kentucky Craft Market sale this past weekend in Lexington at Heritage Hall. Lots of really great art. I discovered a potter in Prospect Kentucky, Laura Ross, who does amazing soda-fired clay. I picked up three pieces to add to my growing pottery collection.

small casserole dish

small cup

large casserole